Around The World in an Electric Bus

Around The World in an Electric Bus

Is it possible to travel the world in 80 days aboard an electric vehicle?

That is what 12 teams from around the world are attempting to do in the endurance race, 80eDays 2016, which began on June 16th in Barcelona, Spain.  The challenge entails traveling a 25,000 km route through 20 countries on 3 different continents in order to circle the globe with electric vehicles in just 80 days and returning to Barcelona.

One of the main initiatives of the race is to hold events in key cities to raise awareness and demonstrate throughout the world the potential of electric vehicles. Teams come from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, China, and the U.S. – the majority being Tesla cars.

That is why participants from Hungary caused quite a stir with their entry of an electric bus, the Modulo Bus from Evopro.  It is equipped with Valence batteries supplying 255 kWh of energy, providing a maximum range of an impressive 575 km (over 350 miles) due to its light weight construction.  The pack is fast charged by CHAdeMO DC fast chargers along the route. The bus is unique in that it is made in a modular fashion, being able to be built with various lengths off of a single design.  Valence batteries offer modular solutions as well, being able to expand to any capacity required.

The two man team is led by Joszef Helmich and joined by Csaba Meszaros.

Valence Technology congratulates Team Hungary and their Modulo eBus on the successful completion of the North American section of the race and sharing the message that sustainable technology is the future.

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