Battery Breakthrough (in the tug boat industry)

Battery solution in tug boat application

Electric and Hybrid Marine Technology International, by Brian Dargan, April 2014

In a tug boat industry first, a new application is making use of a Valence high-tech large lithium-ion battery pack whose performance levels are only surpassed by its safety attributes.

Damen, a leading international shipbuilder, has chosen Valence Technology’s safe and reliable batterry technology for the battery system in its new Damen ASD tug 2810 hybrid development. This boat has a combination of a diesel-direct system and Valence’s proven, advanced battery technology for its diesel-electric propulsion, which facilitates fuel savings of up to 30% and cuts local emissions by between 20% and 60%. The vessel also has a bollard pull of 60 metric tons. The hybrid propulsion system in the new Damen tug includes two main engines, one generator set and two lithium-ion battery banks.

Battery solution in tug boat application

Extensive research went into the choice of componentry and configuration of the new Damen development. As a result – and based on four years of intensive R&D in the E3 joint industry project – a state-of-the-art propulsion system has been developed.

The ASD tug 2810 hybrid will sail without diesel engines running at up to 4kts using the Valence batteries alone. The generator will power the electric motors for speeds of up to 8kts, using only the Tier 3 diesel unit. During push/pull towage operations and for higher speeds of up to 13kts, only the Tier 2 main engines will be used. In specific firefighting mode, the generator will supply the fire pumps and the main engines will provide power for propulsion.

Such a technical setup allows Damen to be able to shut down all the diesel engines during station keeping, maneuvering and free sailing at low speeds. This will make the vessel quieter and even more environmentally friendly.

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