Modular Lithium Ion Batteries

Modular to Fit a Variety of Enclosures

Modular lithium batteriesValence Technology was the first battery manufacturer to design a large, scalable, lithium ion product line using the Battery Council International (BCI) standards and form factors including: Group Number U1R, Group 24 and Group 27. By adhering to the BCI standards, the Valence product line is a “drop in” solution for lead acid replacement, easy to implement and eliminates re-tooling charges. These attributes allow for a seamless transition from lead acid to lithium ion.

Modularity minimizes effort of purchasing variation, inventory control, and servicing

Additionally, the Valence product line can easily be scaled to accommodate a variety of applications – from 12 to 1000 volts using a large lithium ion battery pack. Similarly, this modular approach lends itself to increasing capacity by merely adding parallel strings. Each system includes a battery management system which monitors all cell voltages, temperatures, currents, and States of Charge.

The operational and charging efficiency of lithium ion allows a pack that is 40-50% smaller than a conventional flooded lead acid to perform the same level of work throughout the day.

Case Study: Valence Technology’s modular large lithium ion battery configured for Border Patrol surveillance application

The world leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of border patrol surveillance vehicles needed a battery system that was built rugged enough to handle the abusive conditions and vibration of their application. The Valence U27-12XP battery was a perfect fit. The company’s battery requirements included: high vibration tolerance, long run times, light weight to improve fuel efficiency, and high cycle life for low total cost of ownership.

Of course, Valence keeps standard modules in stock, making it easy for the customer to quickly assemble a large lithium ion battery pack into a 25.6 VDC, 552 AH battery system for both evaluation and production.


  • High cycle life (4500 cycles to 80% DOD)Power for Surveillance Vehicles
  • No ventilation required
  • Safest Lithium Ion Chemistry
  • Robust mechanical design

Battery Pack:

  • Scalable in series from 12V to 1000V
  • Scalable in parallel for thousands of Ah
  • U-Charge Modules report to Battery Management System (BMS) module
  • Inter-modular balancing by BMS
  • Compatible with standard chargers
  • Communication of monitored data via CAN through BMS

Read the full case study here.

Case Study: High-voltage traction large lithium ion battery pack for railway.

Within the UK Railway Network, there are branch lines that are not connected to each other by catenary lines. To effectively bridge the non-electrified section of otherwise electrified routes, a leading manufacturer in the railway market has developed an Independently Powered Electrical Multiple Unit (IPEMU). This train uses a small, lightweight, yet robust set of Valence batteries to power the train between branches, thus saving the huge expense of adding overhead electrical lines.

High-voltage Traction Battery for RailwaySolution: High capacity, high voltage large lithium ion traction battery on trains to serve Railway and Infrastructure OEMs

Product: U27-36XP Valence U-Charge® Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate intelligent battery modules assembled into a fully integrated system

Module Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Voltage: 38.4 V Nominal Capacity (C/5, 23°C): 46 Ah, 1.77 kWh
  • Weight (approx.): 19.6 kg/43 lbs.
  • Dimension incl. Terminals (LxWxH): 306 mm x 172 mm x 225 mm

Read the full case study here.