Technological Advancements, Greater Energy Density with Lithium Ion

Lithium ion for forklifts & agvs

Article from Logistics International Pro Autumn 2017: Although lithium ion batteries have been around for over 25 years, they are primarily used for small portable electronics and electric vehicles.  Those applications specifically require a small, lightweight energy source.  With few exceptions, lithium ion batteries were designed into these products from concept.  Recently however, lithium ion […]

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Dominant Battery Technologies for Electric & Hybrid Marine Applications

Electric & Hybrid Marine Mag Oct 2017 Cover

The Great Debate With myriad battery technologies currently available on the market, industry experts put forward the chemistry they think will emerge as the dominant solution for electric and hybrid marine applications in the next 10 years. Our own Paul Krueger, vice president of engineering, weighs in for the Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International […]

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Hybrid Power System in Medical Laboratory Instrumentation

BioCare is leading the way by utilizing lithium ion batteries to increase the amount of power available for an automated slide stainer not provided by a standard wall outlet. Valence supports this ingenuity which improves diagnostics and, ultimately, patient care. Hybrid power in laboratory instrumentation Article by Jennifer Schwedler and David Basiiji published by Medical […]

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Three-shift Lithium Ion Battery for Forklift

GNB forklift with lithium ion batteries

Through a partnership with Exide, Valence provides batteries for this forklift application. “GNB Sonnenschein Lithium battery passes demanding endurance test” posted by Forklift Action 9/7/17 GNB Industrial Power – a division of Exide Technologies, a leading global provider of stored electrical energy solutions, has passed a series of demanding endurance tests at a large European […]

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Robot Room Service Built by Savioke and Powered by Valence

Savioke Room Service Robot

“Introducing AURA, the room service robot” reported by CNN 8/15/17 One hotel in Singapore is taking room service to a new level thanks to AURA, the room service robot. AURA works in the M Social Hotel in Singapore — a lifestyle hotel designed with the business-traveling millennial in mind. “The inspiration behind AURA the Relay Robot is to bring […]

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Vivarail Begins Testing of New Battery Train

Vivarail battery test train

Vivarail has begun testing a former London Underground D78 car which it has converted into a demonstrator vehicle for the use of onboard batteries. Testing of the vehicle’s range and performance are being undertaken at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre, to help inform plans for the future development of passenger-carrying battery and hybrid multiple-units. The […]

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Passenger Ship with Hybrid Propulsion on Oise River

Transfluid hybrid passenger boat

A Transfluid hybrid system passenger boat has come into service on the river Oise. The farsighted idea of the Communaute ‘de Communes des Deux Vallee’ was to understand the importance of giving its passengers an new way of navigating that is able to put together the comfort of sailing with environmental protection. The agency commissioned the […]

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Shedd Aquarium Energy Storage System

Voltage: Nominal voltage 691V Capacity: 277 kWh Batteries: P40-24 Power Modules in a 27s10p configuration Location: Chicago, IL Function: frequency regulation, peak-load demand, and emergency back-up power Operating Since: 2016 In 2016, Shedd Aquarium installed a 1 mega-watt lithium-ion battery in Chicago, IL. This 1MW peak-shaving application assists in minimizing the price of electricity for the large aquarium, […]

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Silent Ferries Running on Solar & Batteries

Ferry with Lithium Ion batteries

Solar powered ferries are now a reality in Kerala, India with the state’s Water Transport Department (KSWTD) agreeing to use them to transport commuters along the backwaters of Kerala’s Alappuzha district.  ADITYA, India’s First Solar Ferry, is the largest solar-powered boat in India.  The vessel was designed by NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats, built by Navgathi Marine […]

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