First Fast-Charged Hybrid Bus Debuts in Umeå, Sweden with Opbrid Bůsbaar

Press release from Oprid, Apr 6, 2011:

The world’s first fast rechargeable hybrid bus is now being tested in Umeå City, Sweden in a collaboration between the companies Hybricon AB, Opbrid SL, e-Traction BV, Umeå Energi AB and the Umeå City Corporation. The “Arctic Whisper’s” batteries will be fast charged by the Opbrid Bůsbaar for 5-10 minutes at the end of its route to achieve nearly 100% all-electric operation but with the reliability of diesel.

The Bůsbaar—an overhead, pantograph-based fast-charging station for buses—will be located at one end of the bus route that will fast charge the bus for a few minutes at the end of each trip. This will extend the all-electric range of the e-Traction (Apeldoorn, Holland) hybrid bus from 2 hours to 18 hours. And, since this is a serial hybrid bus with a backup diesel generator, the bus can continue running on bio-diesel in case of brown-outs, traffic jams, or very cold weather.

The e-Traction converted Volvo 7700 is a battery-dominant hybrid bus; it has the ability to run on battery only, with the diesel generator turned completely off. The Arctic Whisper has 100 kWh of Valence Li-Ion batteries, typically enough for 1-3 hours of fully electric operation due to the high efficiency of the e-Traction wheel motors. With the simple addition of the Opbrid Bůsbaar fast charging station, the all-electric operation can be extended to 18 hours.

This video shows the first tests of the Busbaar with the E-Traction fast charged hybrid in winter conditions in Umea, a city in the far north of Sweden, close to the arctic circle.

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