LRS 4840 Power

LRS-4840 Power
New Lithium Rack Storage Battery for Power Applications

LRS 4840A Credible Form Factor with Incredible Capabilities

Lithium Werks introduces its new lithium ion rack mountable battery. It is designed for 19” racks with a 2U size profile. The LRS-4840 is a high-performance, 48 volt battery, built on a patented Lithium Iron Nanophosphate® chemistry platform providing 2.1 kWh.

The LRS-4840’s inherent safety, long float life, and zero maintenance is ideal for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems in data centers. The module’s light weight and high power density offers data center operators a way to free up space on multiple floors for more valuable server equipment.


  • 19″ 2U Rack Design
  • Excellent float life and cycle life
  • Can deliver up to 28 kW continuous for 2 min or 20 kW for 4 min
  • Uses inherently safe Nanophosphate® technology
  • Create systems 48 – 1000 V
  • Can be put in series up to 16 units
  • Multiple cabinets can be put in parallel using our Master Battery Server (MBS)
  • No maintenance or hydrogen gassing (compared to lead acid)
System Example
server rack cabinet
19” rack, 24 U, 600mm D
10 modules in series
528 V
250 kW