Battery Powered Tractor Contributes to Environmental Friendly Airports

Celltech contributes to more environmental friendly airports

Minimize the pollution

The entire air transport industry as well as all the airports have very strict demands on minimizing the pollution these days. The goal is to ensure as a sustainable operation as possible. Kalmar Motor has procured a brand new type of hybrid-airplane tractor, powered by batteries, which are being charged by a small diesel engine. The solution was developed by Celltech in co-operation with the cell manufacturer, Valence.

It is profitable to be environmentally conscious

In liaison with Celltech, Kalmar Motor selected a solution containing modules with 18 battery blocks in each one and which thereafter may be multiplied, all depending on the size of the tractor. The Valence batteries are constructed by Lithium-Iron Phosphate cells which are considerable safer that other lithium chemistries, for example when it comes to high temperatures or mechanical issues.

We are positively surprised! Thanks to Celltech we now have a durable and an environmentally sustainable solution which exceeded all our expectations, Mats Petersson at Kalmar Motor concludes.

Read the full article from Celltech here.

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