Medical Robotic Surgical System Case Study

Features & Benefits:


  • High cycle life >4000 cycles (80% DOD to 80% of rated capacity)
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No ventilation required
  • Inherently safe lithium ion chemistry
  • Robust mechanical design
  • Flame retardant plastics to UL94-V0
  • LED battery status indicator

RT Services Battery Pack :

  • Scalable in series from 12V to 48V
  • Scalable in parallel for longer runtimes
  • Optional Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Automatic cell balancing
  • Automatic protection from over-charge or over-discharge conditions
Technical Specifications:
  • Nominal U1-12RT Voltage: 12.8 V
  • Nominal Capacity (C/5, 23° C): 40 Ah, 512 Wh
  • Weight (approx.): 6.5 kg/14.3 lbs.
  • Dimension incl. Terminals (LxWxH): 7.76” x 5.12” x 7.20”

A global technology developer of medical robotic-assisted surgery devices requested a reliable energy storage system to move their critical equipment from room to room. They were concerned that the lead acid batteries within their surgery devices were heavy and needed to be replaced too often. Additionally, the equipment was subjected to significant down time because of long charge time required of lead acid.

Now that they use Lithium Werk’s light weight lithium ion phosphate batteries, the robotic equipment can be moved easily and safely. Each medical system utilizes 3 standard 12 volt U-Charge RT series modules. The runtime of the equipment essentially doubled that of the previous battery solution, with faster recharging, and up to 10 times the cycle life.

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