PN# 1008854


The U-Charge XP lithium ion battery series is a family of 12V, 18V, 24V and 36V lithium battery modules. The U-Charge XP modules are traditionally arranged in a multi-series/parallel configuration and not as a single battery replacement. Our Battery Management System (BMS) monitors and communicates with the batteries and is required with all U-Charge batteries.

Specifications  UEV-18XP 
Nominal Module Voltage  19.2 V 
Nominal Capacity (C/5, 23°C)  75 Ah 
Weight (approximate) kg  14.9 kg 
Weight (approximate) lbs  32.8 lbs 
Dimension incl. Terminals: 

     L x W x H in Millimetres 

     L x W x H in Inches 


269 x 148 x 245 

10.6 x 5.8 x 9.7 

BCI Group Number  N/A 
Terminals, Female-Threaded  M8 x 1.25 
Specific Energy  96 Wh/kg 
Energy Density  147 Wh/l 
Standard Discharging @ 25°C: 

     Max. Cont. Load Current 

     Peak Load Current (30 sec) 

     Cut-off Voltage 


120 A 

200 A 

15 V 

Standard Charging: 

     Charge Voltage 

     Recommended Current C/2 

     Charge Time @ C/2* 


21.9 V 

≤ 38 A 

2.5 hrs 

Part Number  1008854 
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