Lithium Ion Batteries for Fully Electric, Hybrid, and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Lithium Werks customers are leading an energy revolution, introducing low-carbon equipment with reduced weight designs and optimized EV systems utilizing U-Charge© lithium phosphate systems that set today’s energy benchmark.


Lithium ion battery manufacturer Lithium Werks’ lithium phosphate has been powering the first commercial electric transportation buses of their kind in the US and Europe – enabling clean, green, quiet and economic public transportation services.

Full electric, hybrid and plug in hybrid electric vehicles from mini-bus to double deck format allow end users to meet strict environmental and cost reduction targets using modern transport applications. Optimized drive systems utilize Lithium Werks’ U-Charge© lithium phosphate battery systems that set the benchmark for fuel economy and CO2 reduction for everything from an electric vehicle battery to an AGV battery.

Lithium Werks proudly supplies the battery modules for Optare EV buses. The small size and lightweight batteries allow passengers to be comfortably transported in environmentally conscious areas around European towns & cities with lower running costs than equivalent diesel powered vehicles. Passengers and drivers enjoy the whisper quiet electric drive train and the community benefits from its emission free driving. Lithium Werks enables public transportation to benefit from all of the advantages electric vehicles have to offer.

Fully Electric Bus Case Study


Lithium Werks powered electric cars have numerous potential benefits compared to conventional internal combustion automobiles, including significant reductions of urban air pollution. Lithium Werks batteries offer end-users excellent range, cyclability and above all, inherent safety.

Lithium Werks lithium iron phosphate battery systems have been used for several electric vehicle prototypes. As this market evolves, Lithium Werks is poised to offer end-users excellent range, cycle ability, and above all, inherent safety. Testing has verified lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4) as one of the most inherently safe type of lithium batteries available.

Valence Successfully Completed ECE-R100 Revision 2 Compliance Testing


Lithium Werks Technology batteries are used in truck applications from commercial delivery trucks to medium duty electric vehicles to all electric refrigerated trucks. For truck fleets, reduced reliance on fossil fuel ensures long term cost reduction together with fixed energy costs versus constant price fluctuation when using gasoline or diesel vehicles.

Large Motive Case Study


Lithium Werks has developed a 1MWH battery system for the UK Railway Network that uses a robust set of Lithium Werks batteries to power the train between branches, thus saving from the huge expense of adding overhead electrical lines.

Lithium Werks batteries were recently independently validated by British infrastructure manager, Network Rail, along with a leading train manufacturer and the UK’s cross-industry Enabling Innovation Team. This group’s focus was to evaluate the use of battery powered trains along short, non-electrified lines. Our batteries were chosen after being tested in simulated conditions including intensive branch line journeys requiring eight hours of continuous operation, as well as range, speed and temperature tests.

Railway Mass Public Transport Case Study


Over 500 Lithium Werks (formerly Valence) powered cargo-scooters are on the road, utilizing Lithium Werks Lithium Phosphate technology.

Designed specifically for the delivery market and for inner-city transportation use, the lithium iron phosphate battery pack enables a lightweight and functional design, reducing energy costs and maintenance requirements. Electric scooters are proving to offer significant cost reductions to operate and maintain when compared to equivalent gas powered scooters. The Oxygen Cargo scooter uses a Lithium Werks U-Charge® XP module battery pack enabling a lightweight and functional design, reducing energy costs and maintenance requirements.

Electric scooters are setting the benchmark across Europe by numerous customers including postal delivery, food and grocery delivery, courier services and law enforcement. Lithium Werks’ lithium iron phosphate solution easily out-performs lead-acid and nickel-zinc batteries with best energy-to-weight ratios and is inherently safe. For more than 10 years, Lithium Werks has been providing safe, reliable battery packs for a large personal electric scooter manufacturer. Our batteries were able to meet rigorous requirements for vibration, lightweight, and fast charging.

“Lithium Werks is poised to meet demand from customers seeking to reduce vehicle operating costs together with CO2 emissions. Lithium Werks is the exclusive supplier to numerous commercial vehicle manufacturers with ambitious plans to develop their range within the EV marketplace.”

Personal Electric Scooter Case Study

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