Third stop Lithium Werks’ New Energy New World Tour: Warsaw

On Monday December 17th some high rated speakers shared their vision about the forthcoming energy transition at the third event of Lithium Werks’ New Energy New World Tour in Warsaw, Poland. They gave the audience an outlook of the energy markets, learned them how the Polish economy can benefit from the energy transition and discussed several lithium ion chemicals.

Energy storage will be an essential part of the energy transition and that is why Lithium Werks has the ambition to build battery gigafactories all around the world. With this ambition in mind, COO John Aittama explained what exactly defines such a gigafactory. Chairman of the Board Kees Koolen explained how Lithium Werks will enable the energy transition and how this transition will look like. “I expect Europe alone will have 100-200 battery factories in 20 years time,” he said.

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