Optare electric buses enter service in London

Optare electric Metro City bus

Valence proudly supplies the battery packs for the Versa EV bus manufactured by Optare. The small size and lightweight batteries allow room for up to 50 passengers to be transported around environmentally aware communities such as Coventry, England. Since Valence batteries can accept fast charging, the daily range of the bus can be increased by 66%, allowing the bus to be used on more routes. Of course, the bus can always be charged at night using the lowest rate electricity, making the operating costs cheaper than that of an equivalent diesel powered bus. Passengers and drivers enjoy the whisper quiet electric drive train and the community benefits from it’s emission free driving. Valence Technology enables public transportation to benefit from all of the advantages electric vehicles have to offer.

Article from Green Car Congress, Aug 1, 2014:

Four British-built Optare MetroCity single deck electric buses are currently being trialed on route H98 in London, which operates between Hayes and Hounslow. Optare is part of the Hinduja Group, a British bus manufacturer based in Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire; the buses are part funded from the Department of Transport’s (DfT) Green Bus Fund.

Optare electric Metro City bus
Optare electric MetroCity bus

These electric bus trials will be used to establish whether the technology can stand up to the rigors of operating in an intense urban environment such as London. The manufacturer’s tests demonstrated that while the initial capital cost of these vehicles was more than that of standard diesel, the significantly lower running and maintenance costs would offset this within the typical lifetime of the vehicle.

The buses take around five hours to fully charge overnight using the 15.2 kW on‐board charger plugged into a standard industrial 3-phase socket; or two hours using 50 kW off-board fast charge technology. They support a range of up to 100 miles (161 km) depending on operating conditions.

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