Passenger Ship with Hybrid Propulsion on Oise River

Passenger Ship with Hybrid Propulsion on Oise River

A Transfluid hybrid system passenger boat has come into service on the river Oise. The farsighted idea of the Communaute ‘de Communes des Deux Vallee’ was to understand the importance of giving its passengers an new way of navigating that is able to put together the comfort of sailing with environmental protection. The agency commissioned the L’ESCAPADE, a passenger boat designed by the office of the DN&T Belgian naval architecture office at the Alumarine shipyard in Coueron on the Loire Atlantique.

Transfluid hybrid passenger boat

L’ESCAPADE is 28 meters long and 5 meters wide, can hold 102 cruise passengers for a few hours of navigation and it can also accommodate 60 people in the case of catering services on board.

The customer’s request was to be able to navigate rivers at cruising speed in utmost silence while at the same time having a vessel that would lend itself to different uses such as cruise-speed navigation, catering cruises, special events and so on; the solution put forward by the shipyard met all these needs using the Transfluid hybrid system. The boat is equipped with a Volvo – model D5A TA engine which gives a rate of 118 kW at 2300 rpm combined with a Tranfluid model HM2000 hybrid transmission and a Power shift model Revermatic 11-700RBD with a reduction ratio of 1.88 as well an integrated Thrust bearing. The electrical power of the hybrid system is 75 kW. The energy is provided by on-board FE-LI-PO 4 batteries technology that supplies the hybrid system while navigating in electric mode.

The first impressions of the tourist service are absolutely encouraging and positive. Tourists sail on the Oise in absolute silence, surrounded by nature and without the noise and the emissions which could harm the surrounding environment.

Read more in the Transfluid press release here:

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