LW12V7 - Launching in 2020


The LW 12V7 is a high-performance, long lasting, inherently safe, 12 volt battery, built on a patented Lithium Iron Nanophosphate® chemistry platform.

 12 Volt Critical Application Lithium Ion Battery


  • Exceptional deep discharge cycle life
  • Superior float, calendar, and shelf life
  • Protection at the cell, and battery level
  • Light weight with superior power density
  • Create systems up to 2.6 kWh
  • Up to 4 x 12V7’s in series
  • Up to 10 x 12V7’s in parallel
  • Enables 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V systems
  • No external BMS required
  • Automatic cell monitoring & balancing
  • Temperature monitoring of cells
  • Fast, simple charging
  • Maintenance-free

Electrical Specifications

Specs @ 25 °C
Voltage (nominal) 13.2V
Capacity (nominal) 5 Ah
Energy 66 Wh
Continuous Discharge Current 45 A
Max / Discharge Current Pulse 57 A
Charge Float Voltage Range 13.6 – 14.4 V
Recommended Charge CCCV 14.4 V to 0.5 A
Operating Temperature -30 °C to 60 °C
Specific Energy 72 wh/Kg
Energy Density 68 wh/L


Standout Capabilities

  • Almost three decades of proven cell production, reliability, and durability
  • Longest runtime of any 12V7 battery in >300W/battery applications
  • Flexible programmability to tailor to customer’s parameters
  • Internal logging capability for troubleshooting/RMA analysis
  • Superior protection circuitry
  • Optional communication capability (SOC, SOH, voltage, temperature)

The LW 12V7 is ideal for :

  • UPS systems
  • Telecomm backup power 
  • Industrial applications
  • Off-grid power 
  • Medical equipment

Benefits of Nanophosphate®

Efficient & Fast Charging: High charge efficiency of >90%. Can recharge in 15 minutes.
High, Uniform Discharge Voltage: Delivers stable voltage during entire discharge.
Longer Life: Provides > 10 times the life of lead acid batteries.
Robust Safety: Multiple levels of protection prevent operation outside of current, voltage, and temperature limits.
No thermal runaway
No corrosive acid leaks
No explosive gassing
Cobalt Free
Space and Weight Efficiency: Systems provide >3 times the energy per weight of lead acid.
Environmentally Safe: Does not contain toxic metals such as cobalt, lead, cadmium, nor any corrosive acids or alkalis.

Why Lithium Werks


Leader in Lithium Iron Phosphate technology with over 400 patents

  • Nanophosphate® chemistry platform
  • Vertically integrated from cell to system
  • Globally operating company
  • Worldwide customer service & support
  • Certifications
    • UL 1973
    • UL 1642 (cells)
    • IEC 62133
    • FCC Class B, CE
    • UN 38.3
  • Shipping Classification
    • UN 3480
    • Class 9
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