Long life, high capacity and excellent safety ensure an advanced energy storage solution for modern applications.

Unlike other lithium ion battery companies, Lithium Werks offers safety in addition to lithium advantages, ensuring no memory effect, high C-rate capability, superior energy storage and maintenance-free usability.

But other lithium ion battery companies do not have Lithium Werks’ unique technology advantages:

  • Cycle life 3-4 times that of lithium cobalt with deep cycling life at 100% DoD
  • Reduced battery size & pack weight delivering better payloads
  • Fast charging capability enabling higher cycles per day
  • Excellent safety. Lithium oxide / mixed oxide products that have been subjected to a puncture or short-circuit will heat up and can suffer a thermal runaway event.
  • Advanced monitoring and control logic through Lithium Werks Battery Management System
  • Our batteries are manufactured in standard industry module dimensions and supported by global application engineering support teams

Used in everything from automotive and marine transportation to medical and military equipment, Lithium Werks lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cathode material was derived from high investment in research & development and commercialized into the widely used U-Charge® XP & RT range of modules and supporting peripherals.

Superior Battery Technology

The processes and materials used in developing lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the core of Lithium Werks U-Charge® technology make for a technologically advanced, intrinsically safe cathode material for lithium powered applications in the market today.

Because this material has a high resistance to the liberation of oxygen, no significant exothermic event occurs upon heating. The redox voltage is low enough that no electrolyte decomposition occurs, thereby affording long cell life.

Lithium Werks cathode materials are prepared using a unique and versatile preparative method called Carbothermal Reduction (CTR), a process to develop lithium iron phosphate cathode powder in a very efficient, cost effective, stable and scalable way.
CTR makes Lithium Werks lithium iron phosphate powder longer-lasting, with more sustained conductivity, enhanced performance and ultimately a better cathode material that is more easily manufactured into cells.

CTR also enables Lithium Werks to efficiently convert Fe3+ into Fe2+ which can then be used in Lithium Werks lithium iron phosphate cathode powder. It uses carbon oxidation reactions to reduce iron oxides to a lower oxidation state. When carbon is used to reduce the iron oxide, a bond is formed between the remaining carbon and the iron. The stronger this bond, the greater the conductivity and overall performance of the cathode powder in any energy storage solution.


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