U-Charge Battery Management Systems (BMS) are designed to enable multiple system implementation options. A BMS is sold with each pack made for U-Charge XP batteries or Power modules. The U-BMS provides numerous system integration options facilitating temperature, voltage, current and state-of-charge monitoring. One single BMS is capable of managing up to 65 battery modules in series and/or parallel configurations including isolation measurement.


  • Monitors cell voltage, temperature, stack voltage, current, state-of-charge, errors, contactor status
  • One U-BMS can manage multiple battery modules (see Table 2)
  • Charger control via CANbus communications or contactor
  • Multiple and configurable digital and analog I/O
  • Automatic battery-to-battery balance control
  • Control of up to 4 contactors, configurable actions
  • System ground isolation verification
  • Sleep mode when key signal ‘OFF’
  • Outputs state-of-charge and low warning alarm on analog outputs
  • New configurations accessible in the field
  • Requires 12V key switch input
Our application engineers will configure the BMS to your requirements. Monitoring of all parameters is available over CANbus.


Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

188mm x 229mm x 42mm*

Dimensions (L x W x H) Inches

7.4” x 9” x 1.65”*


0.72kg / 1.6lbs

External Communications

CAN 2.0b, 125, 250, 500 Kbit/s, Standard Frames

External Control Signals

Control Signal For Line, Pre-Charge & Charger Connections

Monitoring Parameters

State-of-Charge, Error Codes, System Pack Balance


Chassis to Battery Insulation Measurement

Mechanical Enclosure

IP5X, UL 94V-0, 5mm Mounting Holes (4x)


FCC Class B, CE

* including mounting tabs and protrusion of connectors

The Lithium Werks BMS comes in multiple voltage ranges, depending on the voltage of the pack that it is controlling.

Model Battery Stack Isolation Measurement Range BMS System Voltage BMS Ignition Voltage Part Number
U-BMS-MH N/A 24-48V system 24-48V enable PN# 1007833
U-BMS-LV for low voltage systems between 12 – 150VDC 12V system 12V enable PN# 1004443
U-BMS-LVM for low voltage systems between 12 – 150VDC; used in multi-BMS config 12V system 12V enable PN# 1007427
U-BMS-HV for high voltage systems between 100 – 450VDC 12V system 12V enable PN# 1004440
U-BMS-SHV for super high voltage systems 350 – 700VDC 12V system 12V enable PN# 1004437
For systems between 700-1000V, we recommend using the BMS-LV and powering it off of the 12V key switch source.

Note that BMS offers battery pack isolation measurements up to 700V. For 700-1000V systems that require isolation measurement, an external 3rd party device should be used.

Some battery pack systems require multiple strings in parallel using one BMS per series string for redundant purposes. For these applications, we recommend using the BMS-LVM and power it off of the 12V key switch source. The BMS-LVM allows multiple BMS units to communicate on the same CANbus line without interference.

For 24-48V systems, please use the U-BMS-MH with 12V contactors.  All other BMS’s require a 12V source to enable.  In some cases, a dc-dc converter may be added to the pack to convert the pack voltage down to 12V to provide power to the BMS as well as the contactors. The dc-dc should be able to supply at least 4 amps at 12V.


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