U-Charge® XP and Power Series

The CANbus monitoring kit enables a user to easily monitor and log data being transmitted onto the CANBus by the U-Charge® Battery Management System (U-BMS) via a USB port.

The CANbus monitoring kit connects the U-BMS to a PC or laptop running Lithium Werks Configure & Monitoring Software, which is included with the toolkit.


  • System mode (standby / charge / discharge)
  • System current, voltage, State of Charge
  • System charge voltage and charge current set point
  • Battery module temperatures
  • Isolation status
  • Battery module level information including all cell block voltages and temperatures

System Warnings for:

  • Under voltage / Over voltage
  • Over temperature
  • Communication faults

Additional Info:

The CANbus toolkit can aid energy project development and help monitor the efficiency and performance of the battery system. The toolkit is required for any first level diagnostic data capture and needs to be accessible in the event of engineering support being requested.

No prior experience with CAN communications is required. The application software translates all of the U-BMS CAN messages into engineering units and shows this data in a simple display window. If logging is activated, the data is saved in a file using CSV format.

Part Number 1005931


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