Case Study: Marine – Hybrid Marine Drive

tug boat battery solution

Market: Marine – Commercial

Solution: Utility boat Manufacturer

Product: U27-36XP Valence U-Charge® 38.6V, 46Ah Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate intelligent battery module assembled into a system

Features & Benefits:


    • High cycle life
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • No ventilation required
    • Reliable Electronics and Firmware
    • Safest Lithium Ion Chemistry
    • Rugged mechanical design
    • Flame retardant plastics
    • LED battery status indicator

Battery Pack:

    • Scalable in series from 12V to 700V
    • Scalable in parallel for thousands of Ah
    • Includes Battery Management System (BMS)
    • Inter-modular balancing by BMS
    • Compatible with standard chargers
    • Communication of monitored data via CANbus through BMS

Technical Specifications:

Dual 650V, 120kWh Systems using U27-36XP modules.

Valence Technology batteriesWorking with a leading utility boat manufacturer, Valence was able to provide the right mix of energy and power for their new hybrid vessel design. Prior to submitting an order, the customer requested a small number of modules be sent for external testing at an independent test facility. Valence’s modular design and local stock of product accelerated this request. Following the successful testing of the modules, Valence’s support engineers assisted with configuration of 2 systems each containing 120kWh to be housed in the boat to supply energy to hotel loads as well as propulsion. Both battery banks can be charged from a single charger but can operate independently of each other. The system should provide average fuel savings of between 10% and 30% and cut local emissions by 20 to 60%.

Case Study: Marine – Hybrid Marine Drive Case Study PDF

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