REACH Statement


Valence is posting this Notice on its website to advise its customers and potential customers that Valence is compliant with the REACH Regulation.

REACH has two main areas of focus;
The first being the registration of import materials.

  • Valence does not fall under this requirement since it does not import raw materials into Europe. Valence only imports finished articles under the auspices of REACH and therefore does not need to register.

The second focus of REACH is to inform customers of safe handling for “Substances of Very High Concern” (or SVHC).

  • The REACH regulations cover various SVHC substances and provides safe handling instructions for those substances. The list of SVHC substances is dynamic and is subject to changes at times. The current list is available by clicking this link to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) – Candidate List. Valence periodically reviews this list and subjects its products to external laboratory tests to determine if any of such SVHC substances are present in its products.

Valence is confident that it does not use any of the listed SVHC substances in its manufacturing under its control. Valence does purchase some components that are manufactured outside of Valence’s own facilities.

Such manufacturers required to provide assurances or test records to prove whether any listed SVHC substances are in the supplied components. If any listed SVHC substances (above the reportable limits) according to the REACH regulation are determined to be present in the components, Valence will comply with REACH regulations and will include appropriate safe handling instructions.

This link will direct you to a page listing any such substances contained in any Valence product.

Valence understands the reason and supports the purpose of REACH and will stay in compliance with this regulation.

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