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Super B Lithium Batteries

Super B develops and produces high-end Lithium batteries for a number of industries and applications, ranging from small motorsport starter batteries to power solutions for Recreational Vehicles, Maritime, UPS and industrial markets.

Super B Starter Batteries

The Super B Lithium Iron Phosphate starter batteries are the best in class to add power and lightness to the automotive and motorsport industry.

Compared to lead-acid batteries the Super B starter batteries improve charge/discharge performances, save weight, save space, increase lifetime and avoid Pb (lead) in the environment.

SB12V2600P-AC SB12V2600P-AC 12.7V 2.5Ah 0.46kg 8718531360006
SB12V5200P-BC SB12V5200P-BC 12.7V 5Ah 0.85kg 8718531360013
SB12V7800P-CC SB12V7800P-CC 12.7V 7.5Ah 1.31kg 8718531360020
SB12V10P-DC SB12V10P-DC 12.7V 10Ah 1.70kg 8718531360037
SB12V15P-EC SB12V15P-EC 12.7V 15Ah 2.44kg 8718531360044
SB12V20P-FC SB12V20P-FC 12.7V 20Ah 3.19kg 8718531360051
SB12V15P-SC SB12V15P-SC 12.7V 15Ah 2.97kg 8718531360068
SB12V20P-SC SB12V20P-SC 12.7V 20Ah 3.66kg 8718531360075
SB12V25P-SC SB12V25P-SC 12.7V 25Ah 4.30kg 8718531360082

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Super B Traction Batteries

The Super B Lithium traction batteries are designed to be the safest and most energy efficient. The batteries offer huge energy reserves, weigh substantially less, are easy to install and will last considerably longer than other conventional batteries.

SB12V100E-ZC HR SB12V100E-ZC 12.9V 100Ah 18.5kg 8718531360662
SB12V160E-ZC HR SB12V160E-ZC 12.9V 160Ah 26.9kg 8718531360570
SB12V1200Wh-M-Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M 12.9V 90Ah 12.5kg 8718531361317

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SB_BM01_hr SB BM01 12V-24V – The BM01 smart battery meter that can measure and display the voltage and the charge level (in percent) of a battery. It can also produce an alarm for a user programmable, low charge level.  EAN NR: 8718531361041
Optimate Charger Optimate charger 5.0 A/14.4V – With 5 Amps of charge current available the Optimate charger will recharge and balance the cells within the battery quickly and efficiently. EAN NR: 5425006143905
SB-V23130C_Relay_Cable SB V23130C2021A412-TE + SB Relay Cable – 250+ Amp 12Vdc, bi-stable relay. For single 100E-ZC/160E-ZC Super B battery use.  EAN NR: 8718531361010
SB Touch_display SB Touch display – The Super B touch display is a smart battery meter that can measure and display the voltage, current, state of charge and time to go of the SB12V100E-ZC, SB12V160E-ZC and the SB12V1200Wh-M (Epsilon) battery. This gives you 24/7 insight in the available capacity of the battery. EAN NR: 8718531361447

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