Super B Starter Batteries

Super B Starter Batteries

The Super B Lithium Iron Phosphate starter batteries are the best in class to add power and lightness to the automotive and motorsport industry. Compared to lead-acid batteries the Super B starter batteries improve charge/discharge performances, save weight, save space, increase lifetime and avoid Pb (lead) in the environment.

The starter batteries are designed in a standard rally casing, are suitable for 12V systems and for use in extreme environments. The starter batteries saves up to 80% in weight in comparison to traditional lead-acid batteries and are only 1/3 of the size of a conventional battery. This improves not only the performance vehicles but also helps to increase the fuel economy.

Super B’s lightweight starter batteries have been developed for a number of applications ranging from motorbikes to military trucks. Our existing customers include car manufacturers like Renault, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Lotus and several military contractors.

SB12V2600P-AC SB12V2600P-AC 12.7V 2.5Ah 0.46kg 8718531360006
SB12V5200P-BC SB12V5200P-BC 12.7V 5Ah 0.85kg 8718531360013
SB12V7800P-CC SB12V7800P-CC 12.7V 7.5Ah 1.31kg 8718531360020
SB12V10P-DC SB12V10P-DC 12.7V 10Ah 1.70kg 8718531360037
SB12V15P-EC SB12V15P-EC 12.7V 15Ah 2.44kg 8718531360044
SB12V20P-FC SB12V20P-FC 12.7V 20Ah 3.19kg 8718531360051
SB12V15P-SC SB12V15P-SC 12.7V 15Ah 2.97kg 8718531360068
SB12V20P-SC SB12V20P-SC 12.7V 20Ah 3.66kg 8718531360075
SB12V25P-SC SB12V25P-SC 12.7V 25Ah 4.30kg 8718531360082

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