Super B Traction Batteries

Super B Traction Batteries

The Super B Lithium traction batteries are designed to be the safest and most energy efficient. The batteries offer huge energy reserves, weigh substantially less, are easy to install and will last considerably longer than other conventional batteries. This lithium batteries can be used up to 1500V in series and unlimited in parallel.

The Super B traction batteries have integrated battery monitoring which provides details about its status such as voltage, current, temperature, state of charge and time remaining. The unique combination of state-of-the art technology and smart software makes the lithium batteries a robust, safe and easy to use energy storage solution.

The batteries have been successfully used in a variety of recreational vehicles, marine vessels, ferries, yachts and UPS systems.

SB12V100E-ZC HR SB12V100E-ZC 12.9V 100Ah 18.5kg 8718531360662
SB12V160E-ZC HR SB12V160E-ZC 12.9V 160Ah 26.9kg 8718531360570
SB12V1200Wh-M-Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M 12.9V 90Ah 12.5kg 8718531361317

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