Configuration & Monitoring

Valence battery systems are designed to be user friendly. Toolkits are offered to allow installers, operators, and end users the ability to glean as much information out of the batteries as possible for successful operation. Valence offers a CANbus toolkit and a Diagnostic toolkit.

The CANbus toolkit is designed to connect the U-BMS to a USB port of a PC/Laptop computer. This allows Valence Configure & Monitor software to be run to display all parameters and real time values of the battery system. This works with packs made from either U-Charge® XP series or Power Modules.

The Diagnostic toolkit is primarily used to connect the PC/laptop computer directly to a module. With Valence software, the user can see the all of the parameters of an individual module (i.e. cell voltages, temperatures, current, state of charge, error codes, etc.) as well as reprogram a module’s identification number. This is a great diagnostic tool and can be used on the all Valence batteries, including the U-Charge® XP & RT series, as well as the Power Module.

The U-Charge® Battery Discharge Indicator (U-BDI) is used with the U-Charge® RT series batteries to display pack level State of Charge. It is required on any system with more than 1 battery in series, as it determines inter-module balancing.

U-Charge® XP & P40-24 Modules Accessories

U-Charge® RT Accessories