CAN Bus Monitoring Kit

Easy Monitoring & Data Logging

The CANbus Monitoring Kit enables a user to easily monitor and log data being transmitted onto the CANbus by the U-Charge®Battery Management System (U-BMS) via a USB port.

The CANbus monitoring kit connects the U-BMS to a PC or laptop running Valence Configure & Monitoring Software, which is included with the toolkit. The application software translates all of the U-BMS CAN messages into engineering units and shows this data in a simple display window.  If logging is activated, the data is saved in a file using CSV format.

Valence CANBus Toolkit


  • System mode (standby / drive / charge)
  • System current, voltage, SOC
  • System charge voltage and charge current
    set point
  • Battery module temperatures
  • Isolation status
  • Battery module level information including all
    cell block voltages

System warning / Alarms include:

  • Under voltage
  • Over voltage
  • Over temperature
  • Communication faults

Part Number 1005931