24 Volt Battery Modules

Valence releases the new U24-24XP & U27-24XP modules

U27-24XPThe U-Charge® U24-24XP now joins the U27-24XP in the 24XP family.  The U24-24XP is a high-performance, 24-volt battery, built on Valence’s patented Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate chemistry platform. Customers now have a choice of 12, 24, or 36V batteries in a Group 24 or Group 27 size case for easy drop-in replacement of lead acid.

Both batteries in the 24XP family are ideal for material handling or stationary energy storage applications. The modules’ inherent reliability, long cycle life, and zero maintenance offers end-users another alternative to lead acid by replacing with this safe lithium ion solution.  Meets requirements for IEC 62619. UL Recognition to UL 2580. Designed to meet UL 2271, and UL 1973.

The U-Charge® Battery Management System (U-BMS) integrates seamlessly with U-Charge applications. Utilizing Valence’s Command and Control Logic, the battery system manages in real-time and system information can be monitored via CANbus.

Valence U-charge red forkliftThe 24XP series modules are designed for material handling applications. Specific materials and elements were chosen to meet the demanding safety requirements of UL2580 and UL2271 (certification pending).

Many other markets can take advantage of the 24XP benefits:

  • Maintenance Free
  • >4000 cycles (80% DOD)
  • Exceptional Voltage Stability
  • String Voltage 24 – 1000 V
  • Rugged Mechanical Design
  • Internal Battery Temperature Monitoring
  • Dual Lug Terminals
  • Automatic System Cell Balancing
  • Fully Integrates with U-Charge® BMS
  • Excellent Float Life
  • Footprint of Group 27 Lead Acid
  • Series or Parallel Operation
  • No Hydrogen Gas Release

Valence’s lithium ion phosphate presents an inherent safety performance, better toxicity profile, and is more energy efficient with significantly longer cycle life than lead acid.

The 24XP series has been ruggedized to support the harsh environment forklifts and AGVs experience. An internal cell frame has been included to provide additional protection from severe vibration and mechanical shocks.

The terminals have been redesigned as well. Valence has incorporated a self-locking thread design to prevent hardware from loosening due to a unique feature located at the root of each thread.

24XP bolt threadsWhen the bolt is tightly engaged, the tooth crest will press against a 30 degree wedge ramp generating locking force. This self-locking function is derived from the geometry of the female thread.

Each terminal incorporates two M8 threaded holes. These can be used in a number of ways:

Meets requirements for IEC 62619. UL Recognition to UL 2580. Designed to meet UL 2271, and UL 1973.

Learn more about our certifications here.

U24-24XP U24-24XP 25.6 V 56 Ah 18.6 kg PN# 1007735
   U27-24XP 25.6 V 72 Ah 19.2 kg PN# 1008556