Vivarail Begins Testing of New Battery Train

Vivarail Begins Testing of New Battery Train

Vivarail has begun testing a former London Underground D78 car which it has converted into a demonstrator vehicle for the use of onboard batteries. Testing of the vehicle’s range and performance are being undertaken at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre, to help inform plans for the future development of passenger-carrying battery and hybrid multiple-units.

The project has been undertaken with Valence Technology, which supplied the two lithium battery modules, and Strukton Rail which supplied the control systems. Traktionssysteme Austria supplied the AC traction motors.  (Source: Railway Gazette)

If you were one of the many left saddened and disappointed when Vivarail’s test train caught fire over the festive period due to a fuel leak on one of the gensets, the company has some good news: its new test car, operated as a battery train, has completed its first successful run – sending a clear message to all non-believers that the D-Train is here to stay.

As Vivarail CEO Adrian Shooter wrote in the last issue of RTM, the test train’s fire incident was the result of a perfect storm that in no way should be seen as a threat to the project’s future. He explained that a number of simple changes could be made to “mitigate against anything like this happening again in the future”.

Soon after the incident, the company began building a new test car at its Long Marston base, the first version of which would operate as a battery train. Once this concept is proved, Vivarail said it can “easily change the modules to test it in any variation”.  (Source: RTM)

From Vivarail:

We have now begun testing our brand new battery powered demonstrator vehicle at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre, and are gathering the data needed to analyse range and performance.  Development of the train, powered by two battery modules, has taken place in conjunction with our trusted colleagues at Strukton and Valence, and we are all delighted with the results so far.  Work only began at the beginning of the year but these first successful runs show, once again, our initiative and the team’s continuing drive to innovate.

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