Innovative Mobile Energy Storage Solutions

Innovative Mobile Energy Storage Solutions

Feature in CIO Review, March 2019

CIO ReviewFossil fuel depletion and increasing pressure for environmental protection have led to a global need for generating clean energy from renewable energy sources. In this context, energy storage systems play a crucial role in balancing and maintaining flexibility between the power supply and load demand. They are also key enablers in the development of fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. However, safety concerns, charging and discharging timings and durability are amongst the setbacks that batteries, as energy storage mediums face. To obviate these limitations, Lithium Werks positions itself to provide safe, reliable, and efficient mobile energy storage solutions.

“We work alongside clients to tackle their challenges and provide highly reliable and lighter structures that require less maintenance.”

“We were able to acquire and put together two companies, the industrial division of A123 systems, and Valence Technology, to become a global leader in providing complete energy storage solutions as well as gaining the leadership position in the lithium-ion phosphate market,” says T. Joseph (Joe) Fisher III, CEO of Lithium Werks. The lithium-ion battery modules from Lithium Werks pack up to 1000V of any capacity; the company provides customizable solutions to multiple industries as per market requirements, be it in terms of shape, runtime, and expandability.

The company’s edge lies on the novelty of their Nanophosphate® Lithium-Ion Battery Techology that is capable of packing high power in small-sized batteries. This has, in turn, enabled Lithium Werks to gain a sharper edge in the market when it comes to power, safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and life of their battery offerings. As a fully integrated energy storage provider Lithium Werks offers a comprehensive battery management system to help organizations meet their power requirements efficiently. Other than the lithium advantage, the safety factor from Valence Technologies along with high C-rage capability, maintenance-free usage, and superior energy storage, allows companies to achieve enhanced battery performance with better reliability.

With its value-bound technology and solution offering, Lithium Werks continues to help numerous organizations address their energy storage requirements safely and cost-effectively. Joe highlights instances of clients in the telecom industry who are looking for reliable energy back-up solutions alongside a table power supply. Due to the fast approaching 5G communications technology, these large OEM’s need efficient power back-up solutions. Partnering with Lithium Werks enables them to attain efficient energy storage infrastructures that need minimal maintenance, are highly light, and reliable. The company’s value proposition is also leveraged by several entities pertaining to verticals such as automotive, medical, and even microgrid system sot name but a few.

Lithium Werks’ client-centric employee base consists of expert application engineers and business development personnel. To identify their clients’ specific energy storage requirements, Lithium Werks resorts to the proven methodology of seeking responses via questionnaires. NDCAs form a crucial part of Lithium Werks’ customer onboarding process. The company also encourages its sales and engineering support team to recognize the measures that would best fit customers.

With an increase in demand for long-lasting and safe energy storage that is being mandated by the electric vehicle industry, the need for efficient batteries has also escalated at a rapid pace. In their vision to better align to this trend, the innovation labs at Lithium Werks are working on developing batteries with nickel manganese and cobalt (NMC) as a new cathode material, which is more energy efficient, reliable, and safe. The company’s road map also includes developing software solutions that are capable of helping companies carry out battery and energy management seamlessly. “We believe in three key things, the right technology, timing, and the expert team with knowledge about lithium, that’s were our company differs from other competitors” concludes Joe.

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