Joe Fisher

Seasoned business executive with 30+ years of experience. Most recently vice president of A123 Systems, as the global head of industrial battery activities. Previously CEO of Valence Technology, positions at Energizer Holdings Group; Contour Energy System, and JCF International.

Christian Ringvold

A serial entrepreneur with solid track record and extensive experience in business development; in the past held a business development role at A123 as well as the position of managing director at NorMedical AS.

Rob Reichgelt
A wealth of experience, well rounded globally as a financial executive currently based in the Netherlands. Reichgelt has lived and worked in Europe, South Africa, China, and the US for both large and small companies (private and publicly traded). He is well established in start up companies including chemical, manufacturing, distribution and industrial types of entities. Rob holds an Industrial Engineering degree, an MBA from South Africa, and is a CPA in the US. He was also the top European financial executive of several multinational companies.
John Aittama

20+ years of experience in operations and product design, most recently vice president of product quality at Orchid Orthopedic Solutions. Previously vice president of operations in A123 Systems.

Simon Lee-Overy

25+ years of experience within batteries market. Simon has been sales director of A123 industrial – EMEA. Prior to this, Simon held managing positions at Grand Pro Technology, Contour Energy Systems, and Valence Technology.