Custom Battery Packs & Modules

Custom Solutions with Best-in-Class Components

Lithium Werks plants have been manufacturing cells and modules for over 20 years. We have the experience and the know-how to build a custom battery module to fit your application.

With global offices and fulfillment centers in North America and Europe and engineering teams in America and Asia, Lithium Werks is able to provide rapid response to your specific requirements.

Lithium Werks has two wholly owned manufacturing plants located in Changzhou and Suzhou, China, providing low-cost cell and pack production for your custom module and pack designs.


  • Fast opportunity charging for continuous operation
  • High cycling and long calendar life for lower (TCO) Total Cost of Ownership
  • No need for special room ventilation like lead acid batteries
  • Runs cooler than other cell technologies (less internal heating)
  • Low maintenance cuts down on operation costs

Complete Portfolio

Nanophosphate® Power Cells
3.3 V / 1.1 Ah
3.3 V / 2.5 Ah
Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Cells
3.2 V / 1.8 Ah
LiFePO4 Customized Modules
12 Volt or higher
Both Energy and Power Designs
Custom Solutions Based on Your Application
Module Casing (Materials/Dimensions)
IP Protection Level
Communication Connectors
Power Terminal Position
BMS Communications Protocol

Product Portfolio

Lithium Werks has a unique set of integrated capabilities in high-performance LFP solutions leveraging its strong IP, design & engineering skills and 20+ years of manufacturing experience.

Product Portfolio graph


Lithium Werks’ patented Nanophosphate® battery technology (designed by MIT and A123) can be used in your custom modules.

We can design and manufacture custom battery packs using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells for your power or energy application. Robust cylindrical, prismatic, or pouch cells can be produced for your pack.

Lithium Werks can provide modules and packs with BMS (Battery Management Systems) to monitor, control and communicate with your devices or configure the modules to accept off-the-shelf BMS products.


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