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The Perfect Combination

With the addition of NanoPhosphate® cells, Lithium Werks positions itself to be the leading Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provider of cells, modules, and battery systems.


Consolidating a wealth of knowledge with each company bringing nearly 2 decades of LFP expertise ranging from NanoPhosphate to lithium magnesium iron phosphate.


Strengthening our vertical supply chain by building cells, modules, packs, and system. Our enlarged cell and pack production will accommodate expansion and growth.


World-class customer service with application engineering support in pre and post sales for cells up to system integration and will continue to expand.


Unrestricted cell supply ensures capability to grow in new emerging markets such as energy storage, material handling, commercial EV, and marine.


Just-In-Time deliveries from worldwide distribution centers ensure faster fulfillment of orders for our customers.


Lithium Werks will invest more into Lithium Iron Phosphate technology than any other battery company in the world, advancing its performance and reach.


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate is universally recognized as the chemistry which provides the best balance between POWER, SAFETY, and LIFE.

  • Over 420 patents from Valence and A123 (via Massachusetts Institute of Technology) around LFP cathode material, processing, cell and module designs, providing comfort knowing we have freedom to operate in all areas.

  • Producing Energy and Power versions of the most common sizes of Lithium ion cells in the world (18650 and 26650 sizes)

    1.1Ah 18650 Power cell
    1.4Ah 18650 Energy cell
    2.5Ah 26650 Power cell
    3.2Ah 26650 Energy cell
  • Offering 12 battery modules used as building blocks to assemble packs up to 1000V of any capacity providing flexibility in shape, runtime, and expandability.

  • Integrated battery management system to ensure maximum safety and life from a complete battery pack allowing customers to focus on their product, not the battery.

Press Release

Lithium Werks Acquires A123 Cylindrical Cell Manufacturing

Mar 2018

Press Release

Lithium Werks Acquires Valence Technology

Feb 2018