Lithium Werks announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility

Lithium Werks announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility

Lithium Werks, Inc. – Round Rock, Texas

Lithium Werks, Inc. announces the largest North American based Cathode Powder and Electrode production facility for lithium batteries. The new facility will produce Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathode powders, as well as the Lithium Werks’ patented Nanophosphate® powder, which was developed by MIT, known for its Power.Safety.Life. The facility will also produce finished electrodes for sale and use by lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers.

The plant is projected to have a starting annual production capacity of 4 GWh of cathode powders as well as an equivalent amount of finished electrodes. Responding to the urgent national need for US-based lithium battery capacity, the facility is designed for fast, scalable, efficient, and low-cost incremental expansion to meet the ever-increasing demand for safe, low-cost, and environmentally friendly active materials for electric vehicles, light transportation, and energy storage applications.

The facility will utilize newly developed proprietary and innovative production processes that are not toxic and far greener than the widely used NMP solvents process. The facility will also utilize a newly developed and revolutionary process that eliminates production steps, resulting in less in-process inventory and lower costs, while using ESG friendly raw materials.

Additionally, Lithium Werks will be utilizing new binders, specialty polymers, blends and nanocrystalline materials while leveraging their ownership of the world’s premier intellectual property portfolio of Lithium Iron Phosphate. This includes its MIT developed Nanophosphate® cathode material along with the next generation of high voltage materials. The company’s R&D, Engineering, and Operations teams have more than twenty years of experience developing and producing world class powder. Lithium Werks has the manufacturing experience, patented processes and cell designs that will support the future of the fast-growing energy storage demand.

The facility will also be capable of producing improved energy density performance cathode materials, while delivering safe, long-lasting, and high-power materials – all without any cobalt and nickel, thus being a far greener alternative to the existing tertiary oxide family of materials.

The company has narrowed the site selection to a handful of possible sites and is in the final stages of choosing the ultimate location, with a decision to be made in the 4th quarter of 2021. This facility is being built to help jumpstart the North American scale up of lithium-ion battery solutions. The facility will provide LFP and the Next Generation of Higher Voltage and greener family of active materials for the increased demand to support the electrification of vehicles and energy storage applications. 

“We are pleased to make this announcement which will be a quantum leap forward for North American cell producers supplying two key steps in the North American Lithium-Ion battery supply chain”, said T. Joseph Fisher, III, CEO and Co-founder of Lithium Werks.

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About Lithium Werks – Lithium Werks was formed in 2017 and has the world’s leading position of Lithium Iron Phosphate materials, cells, modules, and battery management systems. The company is one of the world’s fastest growing lithium-ion battery companies, and a global leader in LFP patents and products including electrodes, cells, and custom modules. For more information about Lithium Werks, please visit

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