Lithium Werks enhances Medical and Healthcare business unit

Lithium Werks enhances Medical and Healthcare business unit

Lithium Werks – Austin, Texas and Enschede, The Netherlands.

Lithium Werks, B.V., announces the formation of a new Medical and Healthcare business unit that will focus on providing portable power, energy solutions and products to help fight the virus and to flatten the curve.

Lithium Werks, leveraging their acquisitions of the A123 Industrial Division, is forming an enhanced Medical Business Unit to partner and collaborate with medical equipment OEMs and medical system integrators, as well as healthcare companies and communities to provide portable lithium power and energy solutions to help fight the virus and to flatten the curve.

Leveraging their global portfolio of lithium cells, as well as their MIT developed Nanophosphate®, known for its Power.Safety.Life.™, Lithium Werks is pleased to share this new business unit will be focusing on working to improve the medical lithium battery supply chain from medical cart batteries, hospital beds, surgical equipment, defibrillators, as well as portable batteries for ventilators and respirators. Also included are robots, UV cleaning and sterilization equipment, energy storage, backup power and auxiliary power units.

Lithium Werks has sold over $100M in cells and battery modules over the past decade to the medical community. It has established a global portfolio of world-class medical OEMs and healthcare system integrator customers and is now developing an enlarged range of products for energy storage, robotics and industrial applications supporting the healthcare industry. Chief Operations Officer, John Aittama, states, “Lithium Werks has been developing its presence in the medical device space for more than 10 years and is well positioned to build off of our long history of quality and reliability.”

As the pandemic has elevated health and safety concerns, Lithium Werks is doing their part to combat the spread of the COVID19 virus and many other health concerns by increasing our focus and collaboration to help support hospitals, healthcare workers, patients, medical OEMs, and medical systems integrators. Don Lenz, Vice President of Global Sales, affirms, “Equipping our brave front line workers of this global pandemic with long-lasting and fast-charging lithium energy storage units allows medical, fire, and police professionals to stay in the trenches to help the most vulnerable patients.”

Whatever your portable medical power needs, please reach out to Lithium Werks for a professional lithium battery solution.

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About Lithium Werks – Lithium Werks was formed in 2017 and has quietly put together the world’s leading position of Lithium Iron Phosphate materials, cells, modules and battery management systems. They are one of the world’s fastest growing lithium ion battery companies, and a global leader in LFP patents and products, with operations in China, Europe and the United States. For more information about Lithium Werks, please visit

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