Reliance Industries presents scaled-up solar, battery ambitions

Reliance Industries presents scaled-up solar, battery ambitions

Article in PV Magazine, Aug 22, 2022

Reliance Industries says that production will begin at its 10 GW factory for solar cells and modules by 2024. It plans to double the facility’s capacity to 20 GW by 2026 and is aiming for 50 GWh of annual cell-to-pack battery capacity by 2027.

Reliance Industries also aims to extend the lifetime of PV modules from 25 to 50 years, to set a high benchmark for quality and reliability. In June 2021, the company announced plans to manufacture and fully integrate all the critical components of the renewable energy ecosystem. The plan included gigafactories for PV panels, energy storage, electrolyzers for green hydrogen, and fuel cells.

“We are building significant capabilities in design and manufacturing of power electronics and software systems, integrating with our capabilities of telecommunications, cloud computing and IoT,” said Ambani. “[Reliance Industries] aims to start production of battery packs by 2023 and scale up to a fully integrated 5 GWh annual cell-to-pack manufacturing facility by 2024, and further scale up to 50 GWh annual capacity by 2027.” 

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